Refinance Your Home?  Why, How and When

WHY Should you Refinance?

There are a few reasons to refinance, but you need to think about WHY you want to. What do you aim to do with the equity in your home?

Do you want to refinance into a lower interest rate and lower your mortgage payment?

Do you want to stop paying private mortgage insurance if you are currently having to pay for it?

Do you want to cash out some of your home’s equity to complete a home remodel or maybe help pay for your kid’s college tuition?

Last but not least, do you want to refinance your mortgage into a shorter-term?

These are all common reasons to refinance your mortgage. You have to pick the reason that is best for you and design your refinance strategy from that.

If you are having trouble crafting your strategy maybe you should start by finding out what your home is worth. At One Mortgage we have a nifty tool that gives you monthly updates of your home’s value based on market conditions and home sales in your area. You can access it for FREE by clicking the link below.

HOW Will you Refinance?

Now that you have a good idea of what you want to accomplish with your home refinance you can start figuring out HOW to do it in your current financial situation. There are four things you will need to evaluate before you refinance your current home loan:

WHEN Will You Refinance

Now that you have a pretty good idea of how a home refinance can help you accomplish your cash-flow and mortgage goals you just have to decide WHEN.

Certain times are better than others, and it can change from week to week. Based on today’s interest rate, which is ______ you can click on our refinance calculator below to find out if now is a good time for you.